Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita

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Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita
Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita.jpg
cover art of Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita
Directed by Michael Lucas & Tony Dimarco
Produced by Michael Lucas
Written by Tony Dimarco
Starring Michael Lucas
Music by Nekked
Edited by Frank Tyler
Distributed by Lucas Distribution
Release date
Country United States
Language English

Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita is a gay pornographic remake of the Federico Fellini classic La Dolce Vita,[1] directed by Michael Lucas and Tony Dimarco and released by Lucas Entertainment in 2006.

The film stars Michael Lucas, Jason Ridge, Chad Hunt, Cole Ryan, Pete Ross, Derrick Hanson, Ray Star, Brad Star, Jack Bond, Wilson Vasquez, Jonathan Vargas, Ben Andrews, and more. It features non-sexual cameos by Savanna Samson, Kevin Aviance, Amanda Lepore, Heather Fink and Johnny Hanson.

Lucas contends that the film is the most expensive gay porn film ever made due to a budget of $250,000 and multiple celebrity cameos.[2]


Cameos (non-sexual)[edit]


In 2007 at the GayVN's in San Francisco, it won all 14 awards it was nominated for, including best picture, best director (Michael Lucas & Tony DiMarco), best threesome (Michael Lucas, Derrick Hanson, and Jason Ridge), best actor (Michael Lucas) and best non-sexual performance (Savanna Samson).[3]


Issues of trademark and copyright infringement[edit]

Lucas Entertainment, Inc., its distribution wing and Michael Lucas were named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by International Media Films, Inc. in February 2007. The suit alleges willful trademark and copyright infringement against the La Dolce Vita mark.[4] International Media Films owns the rights to Fellini's La Dolce Vita.[5] The suit seeks unspecified damages and to stop sales of Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita Parts 1 & 2.[6] In May 2007, a Manhattan federal judge rejected the request to enjoin the sales of Lucas' film, primarily on the grounds of "inexcusable delay" on the plaintiff's part. The judge noted that there were serious issues raised regarding trademark infringement or tarnishment, but also wrote that it "seems extremely unlikely that a hapless purchaser seeking to buy Fellini’s film will inadvertently stumble across Michael Lucas’s La Dolce Vita”, which would be an important element in proving IMF's case.[5]

Lucas won the lawsuit in April 2010 in a summary judgment by Judge John George Koeltl, who dismissed IMF's claims of copyright infringement.[7]


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