Michael Rosemann

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Michael Rosemann
Born (1967-10-07) October 7, 1967 (age 50)
Nationality German
Known for BPM maturity, configurable BPM, ambidextrous BPM, revenue resilience
Scientific career
Fields Information systems, Business Process Management, Innovation systems.
Institutions Westphalian-Wilhelms University Muenster
Thesis "Complexity Management of Process Models" (1992)
Doctoral advisor Joerg Becker and Klaus Backhaus
Website http://www.michaelrosemann.com

Michael Rosemann (born 7 October 1967) is a German information systems researcher, professor and Executive Director, Corporate Engagement at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. His research interests include information systems, Business Process Management and innovation management. Michael is also the Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany for Brisbane.[1]


Born in Bremen, Germany, Rosemann received degrees in business administration (1992) and a PhD in information systems (1995) from the Westphalian-Wilhelms University Muenster.[2] In 1992 he started working at the Westphalian-Wilhelms University Muenster. In 1993, he co-authored his first book with Joerg Becker called 'Logistics and CIM'. During his time in Muenster, he conducted research into the areas of reference modelling, the quality of conceptual models, process monitoring and large-scale enterprise systems management. He taught in the areas of information systems, operation management and logistics.

In 1999, Rosemann started as a Senior Lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology where he was promoted to Associate Professor (2001) and Professor (2004). He was the Head of QUT's Information Systems School from 2010-2016.

Rosemann spent sabbaticals at Babson College (with Tom Davenport) and the Technical University of Eindhoven[3] (with Wil van der Aalst).

In 2007, he was the Chair of the first International Conference on Business Process Management outside Europe. He also was the Co-Chair of the Austral-Asian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) in 2010 and will be Program Co-Chair of the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) in December 2018. Michael Rosemann became a visiting professor at Victoria Swedish ICT, Gothenburg, in 2010.

Michael is a Fellow of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences and a Fellow of the Australia Computer Society.

Michael Rosemann became the Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Brisbane in May 2016. Rosemann's home town of Weyhe honored his role with an entry into the 'Golden Book' of Weyhe in July 2017. As the Honorary Consul he initiated and is responsible for the Brisbane German Week.


Rosemann's research is in the fields of information systems, business process management, process models, enterprise resource planning systems, business process redesign and innovation management.

His main contributions are the concept of a series of process innovation patterns, seven traits of a digital mind, a revenue resilience assessment, value-driven BPM, the rapid redesign method NESTT, customer process management, BPM as a service, a BPM maturity model, guidelines of business process modelling, configurable reference models, ambidextrous BPM and context-aware BPM. His current areas of interest are revenue resilience, digital mindfulness, innovation systems and effective university-industry relationships.

Michael's PhD students have won the Australian award for the best PhD thesis in Information Systems in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

In November 2011, he has been interviewed as part of Gartner's Fellow Interview series. His paper on 'Toward improving the relevance of information systems research to proactive: the role of applicability checks', published in the MIS Quarterly (2008) and co-authored with Iris Vessey, won the Emerald Management Reviews Citations of Excellence Awards for 2012. Michael Rosemann has been the co-author of conference papers that won the best paper award at CAiSE 1999 (Heidelberg). PACIS 2004 (Shanghai), ACIS 2005 (Manly) and BPM 2010 (New York).


Rosemann has published in total more than 250 books, journal papers, book chapters, conference papers, and reports on these topics. Some of his books are available in English, German, Mandarin, Russian and Portuguese.[4] Books, a selection:

  • Vom Brocke, J, and M.Rosemann (editors). Handbook of Business Process Management. 2nd edition, two volumes. Springer 2014.
  • Becker, J., Kugeler, M., and M.Rosemann (editors). Process management (in German). 7th edition. Springer 2012.
  • Green, P., and M.Rosemann. Business Systems Analysis with Ontologies. Idea Group 2005.

Articles, a selection:

  • Recker, J., Rosemann, M., Green, P., and M. Indulska (2011): "Do ontological deficiencies in modeling grammars matter?" In: MIS Quarterly 35 (1), pp. 57–79.
  • Rosemann, M., and I. Vessey (2008). "Toward improving the relevance of information systems research to practive: the role of applicability checks". MIS Quarterly 32 (1): pp. 1–22.
  • Rosemann, M., and W.MP van der Aalst (2007). "A configurable reference modeling language". In: Information Systems 32 (1): pp. 1–23.
  • Rosemann, M., and P. Green (2002). "Developing a meta model for the Bunge-Wand-Weber ontological constructs". In: Information Systems 27 (2), pp. 75-91.
  • Klaus, H., Rosemann, M., and G. G Gable (2000). "What is ERP". In: Information Systems Frontiers 2 (2):pp. 141–162.


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