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Michel Carlini (1889, Marseille – 1955) was a French politician. He served as the Mayor of Marseille, France's second largest city, from 1947 to 1953, and as a member of the National Assembly of France for the Bouches-du-Rhone from 1951 to 1955.[1] He was a member of the center-right Rally of the French People political party, started by General Charles de Gaulle.[1]


Michel Charles Carlini was born on July 31, 1889 in Marseille, France.[1] He received a PhD in Law with merit. He then fought in the First World War, and received the Croix de guerre and the Croix de Verdun.[1] After the war, he worked as a lawyer again, married in 1926, and became Dean of the Law School before 1939.[1] He was also involved with the Red Cross.[1]

He became Mayor of Marseille in 1947, and battled with Communist strikers and demonstrators, up until 1953.[1][2] At one point, he had to pretend to step down to assuage the protesters.[1] In 1955, he did not support the government of Pierre Mendès France.[1] In 1954, he voted against the European Defence Community.[1] In 1956, he ran again for the National Assembly of France, and lost.[1] He helped put together a collection in the Musée de Bastia in Corsica.[3] He died in Marseille in 1967.[1]


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