Mickey Munoz

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Mickey Muñoz
Personal information
BornNew York, New York, U.S.
ResidenceCapistrano Beach, California
Surfing career
Years active1957–present
Major achievementsTom Morey Invitational noseriding contest
Surfing specifications
Favorite maneuversquasimoto, misterioso, el telephono

Mickey Munoz, nicknamed "The Mongoose",[1] is an early surfing pioneer and surfboard shaper. He was featured in the 2004 surfing documentary Riding Giants. He currently resides in Capistrano Beach, California and designs boards for Surftech, a manufacturer of epoxy boards.

Munoz was born in New York City in 1937. He graduated from Santa Monica High School.[1] He was part of the surfing scene at Malibu and was present on June 27, 1956, the day a young lady showed up and Terry "Tubesteak" Tracy nicknamed her Gidget.[2] Later he was the stunt double for Sandra Dee in the 1959 Gidget movie.[1]

Munoz developed a stance while surfing that became known as the "Quasimodo".[3]


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