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Microlino 1.0
Microlino Pressefotos2020-4.jpg
ManufacturerMicro Mobility Systems
AssemblyItaly: Turin
Body and chassis
EngineElectric motor
Length2,435 mm (96 in)
Width1,500 mm (59 in)
Height1,459 mm (57 in)

The Microlino is a proposed all-electric lightweight four-wheeled quadracycle marketed by Micro Mobility Systems, designed for urban mobility. Noted for its front-opening door recalling the bubble cars from the late 1950s, the Microlino has two seats, a trunk, a folding sunroof and can be charged with either a household or a type 2 plug.[2]

The Microlino is designed as a lightweight quadricycle (L7e), to combine aspects of a car and motorcycle.[3] Due to its engineering approach,[4][5] the Microlino has 50% fewer parts than a typical automobile and weighs 513 kilograms.[2][4]

Six years after a debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the company's lawsuit over a copycat manufacturer, and an extensive redesign, a special introductory edition was projected for manufacture in mid-2022 at the company's factory in Turin.[6][7]


Micro Mobility Systems debuted the Microlino at the 86th Geneva Motor Show in 2016. The vehicle was developed together with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.[8] The idea for the Microlino originated from Wim, Oliver, and Merlin Ouboter, the Swiss family behind the Micro Kickscooter.[9] With research showing the average car in Switzerland is occupied with 1.6 passengers for an average trip length of 36.8 km (22.9 mi),[10] as well as that car parking spaces are scarce in urban areas,[11] they realised that modern cars are over-engineered for urban use, especially considering environmental factors like global warming.

They designed a vehicle for space-saving and efficient urban mobility.[9] The Microlino is designed to be small and manoeuvrable like a motorcycle, while offering weather protection. The design recalls 1950s Isetta bubble cars.[9][12]

The Microlino was also inspired by the Iso Isetta of 1953. Like the Isetta, the Microlino features a single front door to access its interior, which is designed for two people, and a tailgate that opens to a cargo area of 230 liters (8 cubic feet).[citation needed]


The Microlino Lite and Microlino Spiaggina are two concepts presented at the 2022 Paris Motor Show[13][14] that preview future production models.[13]


In 2019 a collaboration between Microlino and Cecomp, an Italian automotive company established in 1978, was started in order to refine both the design as well as the engineering of the Microlino 1.0 to the more modern Microlino 2.0.[15] Cecomp is also the manufacturing partner for series production.

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