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A rendering of a typical Fresh at Work micromarket installation featuring fresh sandwiches and salads, snacks, frozen foods, and beverages by Sterling Services in Detroit, Michigan

A micromarket is an unattended vending concept[1] variously described as:

  • an unattended, self-checkout food facility located inside of an enclosed building and available to a known group of employees at their work location. Employees can access prepackaged food directly and then pay for their selection at a kiosk.[2]
  • a self-checkout retail food establishment that replaces a bank of vending machines.[3]
  • use 360 degree, onsite cameras to prevent theft [4]

In 2006, Sterling Services installed one of the original self-checkout market systems for corporate environments in Detroit, Michigan. These labor-saving, unmanned always open convenience stores offered workplaces fresh food and snacks 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.[5]

In 2017, Sterling Services integrated the first self-order system into a hybrid micromarket self-checkout POS system allowing customers to customize food orders and pay from mobile, internet, in-person cashier and self-service kiosks.[6]

Today, micromarkets are a $1 billion business and you’ll find nearly 18,000 micromarkets in corporate, educational and healthcare settings around the world.[7]


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