Middleborough Rd

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Middleborough Rd
Studio album by Tripod
Released October 11, 2004 (2004-10-11)
Label Australian comedy
Tripod chronology
Fegh Maha (2004) Middleborough Rd' (2004) Pod August Night (2006)

Middleborough Rd is the sixth album released by Australian comedy trio Tripod. It was released on 11 October 2004.

It consists of many songs previously heard on the Australian television show Skithouse, on which Tripod feature. The album also won the 2005 ARIA award for Best Comedy Release, beating other releases which included 'SkitHOUSE LIVE', a compilation of sketches from the same television show.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Always Get Into Stuff"
  2. "Boobs"
  3. "Trying To Impress The Bargirl"
  4. "If I Had A Tattoo"
  5. "Snapshots"
  6. "Hot Girl In The Comic Shop"
  7. "In The Countryside"
  8. "Stuntman"
  9. "On Behalf Of All The Geeks"
  10. "Fly So High"
  11. "That's Why I'm Sending You..."
  12. "Old Money"
  13. "Gonna Make You Happy Tonight"
  14. "Let's Take A Walk"
  15. "Sante Fe"
  16. "Trees"
  17. "Astronaut"
  18. "Strange French Outro" (secret track - not listed on album)