Middleton Mount

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Middleton Mount
Norfolk, England
Middleton Mount.jpg
Middleton Mount
Middleton Mount is located in Norfolk
Middleton Mount
Middleton Mount
Coordinates52°43′11″N 0°27′23″E / 52.7198°N 0.4563°E / 52.7198; 0.4563Coordinates: 52°43′11″N 0°27′23″E / 52.7198°N 0.4563°E / 52.7198; 0.4563
Grid referencegrid reference TF660164
TypeMotte and bailey
Site information
OwnerNorfolk Archaeological Trust
ConditionEarthworks only survive

Middleton Mount, also called Middleton Motte and Middleton Castle, is the remains of a medieval castle situated in the village of Middleton, in Norfolk, England.


Middleton Mount was a motte and bailey castle built during the Norman period.[1] The motte is 49 m in diameter, protected by an 11 m wide ditch.[2] The castle's crescent-shaped bailey and three rectangular enclosures of uncertain medieval date lay alongside the motte.[2] The castle was built by the Normans on a pre-existing Anglo-Saxon estate centre, a common practice after the Norman conquest of England.[3]

The site was excavated in 1987 before the development of much of the surrounding land, including the enclosures, for local housing.[2] The castle was bought by the Norfolk Archaeological Trust in 2006 and is a scheduled monument.[4] The Trust also works to make sure the castle is open for public access.[5]

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Further reading[edit]

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