Midland Montessori School

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Midland Montessori School
5709 Eastman Avenue


United States
School typeNon-profit, Montessori School
Head of schoolMarie Reid / Grace Gotfryd
Age6 weeks to extended kindergarten
Enrollment75 (December 1, 2011)
AccreditationAmerican Montessori Society[2]
School Blogwww.mmsmichigan.com

Midland Montessori School is an American Montessori Society-affiliated nonprofit organization in Midland, Michigan, United States.[1] It is Midland's largest and oldest school that teaches children based on the Montessori philosophy.

The school is run by a board of directors recruited from the parent community along with the school administration. Board members are elected on an annual basis and hold their position for a minimum of one year.

In 2012 the school celebrated its 40th anniversary.[3]


  • 1970 - The school was founded in Midland by a group of interested parents under the name "Saginaw Valley Montessori Association".
  • 1971 - The school opened its doors under the name "Midland Montessori School" in a rented facility.
  • 1979 - A new building was constructed on a property owned by the school on Eastman Road and the school subsequently moved to its permanent location. The school began operating in the new building on October 8.
  • 1982 - The lower level of the building was finished to accommodate a new classroom.
  • 1989 - The facility expanded again and doubled in size.
  • 1998 - Two new classrooms were added.
  • 2002 - Additional facilities, including a library and a gross motor room were added
  • 2004 - An infant/toddler program was introduced. During this year the school transitioned its childcare/preschool combination into an all day Montessori program. New flooring, furniture and accessories were added.
  • 2008 - Two new playground structures and a bike path were added, along with an upgrade of the existing garden.
  • 2009 - An all year Montessori program was added.


The school has seven classrooms, two of which include a child-accessible kitchen. The overall available space is 9,000 square feet on two levels.

Located on the lower level is a large indoor gym and a library with two computers.

Outside are three playground structures with a swing set, a fenced-in grass area, and a bike path.

Community activities[edit]

Children are engaged in community activities early on, including parent / student parades,[4] or fund raisers.[5]



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