Midwest Ski Film Festival

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Midwest Ski Film Festival
Genre Newschool Skiing
Date(s) October
Location(s) Milwaukee, WI
Years active 3
Founded 2008

The Midwest Ski Film Festival (MWSFF) is a Film Festival takes place annually in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Held in October, the festival is the premier showcase for ski films from both independent and professional ski film companies. The festival shows mainly newschool skiing films.


The Midwest Ski Film Festival is organized by Brian Landrigan, and annually held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was created to fill a void of Freeskiing film festivals, and is now known as the Premier Skiing Event in the Midwestern United States. It is also known for having the best ski movies of the year, large product tosses/ raffles, athlete signings, and more. The MWSFF is attended by people from all over the country, including top industry professionals and some of the best professional skiers in the business.

2008 event[edit]

In 2008 the event was held on Saturday, October 4, at the Helene Zelazo center on the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee campus.

2008 MWSFF Poster

It featured the movies Turbo by Level 1 Productions, The Massive by Tanner Hall and Redbull, Slamina by 4bi9 productions, Reasons by Poorboyz Productions, Such is Life by Rage Productions, Head for the Hills by Meathead Productions, and Thinking out Loud by B-Film Media.[1]

A massive amount of free product from their many sponsors was given away including skis, goggles, hats, gloves, shirts, stickers, energy drinks, etc. An after party was held at the Thirdward headquarters to show the movies FTW (Fun Times in Wisconsin) by BP Media, and Hunting Yeti by Nimbus Productions.

2009 event[edit]

2009 MWSFF Poster

The 2009 event was held on Saturday, October 10, at the Mirmar Theater just off of the [University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee] campus.[2] People came in from all over the Midwest including Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, and more.[3] The event started off with the live music of pro skiers Andrew Hathaway and Matt Walker, while pro skiers Mike Hornbeck and Tom Wallisch were signing posters for the more the 300 guests.[4] Other notable people in attendance were Level 1 Production's Kyle Decker,[4] and Jiberish Clothing co-founder Pete Drago.[1]

The films shown were Refresh by Level 1 Productions,[4] Every Day is a Saturday by Poorboyz Productions,[5] So Far So Hood by 4bi9 Media, NICE a Minnesota collaborative movie,[6] and Newschoolers.com contest winner Let's Dance by Jibulant Productions.[7] Presenting sponsors of the 2009 MWSFF were Jiberish Clothing, and Scion. Many other companies supported the event, and tossed out products including skis, boots, helmets, goggles, shirts, stickers, energy drinks, etc. A major highlight in the evening was the raffle prize of a coveted, not yet released, Jiberish sweatshirt, which was given away. The lucky recipient was able to pick her favorite right off the back of one of 4 Jiberish team athletes who attended the Festival. The winner chose the jacket off of pro skier Mike Hornbeck's back.

The highly anticipated annual after party was again thrown at the Thirdward, LLC Headquarters and, like the film festival, featured the musical stylings of Hathbanger and Daywalker.


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