Migliore (surname)

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Migliore is a surname of Italian origin. The name refers to:

  • Andrew Migliore (b. 1966), American screenwriter and producer; director of film festivals
  • Aniello Migliore (b. 1933), American mobster; leader of the New York Lucchese crime family
  • Celestino Migliore (b. 1952), Italian Roman Catholic archbishop
  • Cristiano Migliore (b. 1971), Italian metal musician
  • Daniel L. Migliore, Christian theologian and author
  • Pablo Migliore (b. 1982), Argentine professional football player
  • Richard Migliore (b. 1964), American Thoroughbred racing jockey
  • Jane Migliore (b. 1961), American artist

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