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Miguel Terekhov (August 22, 1928 – January 3, 2012) was a Uruguayan-born American ballet dancer and ballet instructor. Terekhov and his wife, Yvonne Chouteau, one of the Five Moons, a group of Native American ballet dancers, founded the School of Dance at the University of Oklahoma in 1961.[1]

Terekhov was born on August 22, 1928, in Montevideo, Uruguay.[1] His mother, Antonia Rodriguez, was a Charrúa Indian, a people indigenous to Uruguay and southern Brazil.[1] His father, Mikhail Terekhov, a former dancer, immigrated to Uruguay from Ukraine.[1] Terekhov met and married his wife, Yvonne Chouteau, while he was dancing for the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.[1]

Terekhov died at his daughter's home in Richardson, Texas, of complications from lung fibrosis on January 3, 2012, at the age of 83.[1] He and his wife, who survived him, were residents of Oklahoma City.[1]


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