Miguel de Oquendo

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Miguel de Oquendo

Miguel de Oquendo y Segura, was a Spanish Admiral. Born in San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) in 1534, died at sea in 1588 when returning from the Spanish Armada campaign.

He was the father of Admiral Antonio de Oquendo.

Principal events of his life[edit]

  • 1575 Took part with his own ship in the voyage of Orán.
  • 1582 As Captain General of the Guipúzcoa Squadron, took part in the Battle of Terceira under Álvaro de Bazán.
  • 1583 Took part in the landing and conquest of Terceira, having himself reconnoitred its coast.
  • 1588 Commanded the Guipuzcoa Squadron and, with Recalde, he was second in command of the Spanish Armada. His ship caught fire and had to be abandoned. He died at sea on the return journey.