Mihály Dresch

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Mihály Dresch
Dresch at fono.jpg
Mihály Dresch at Fonó Buda Music House, 2009
Background information
Born July 10, 1955
Origin Hungary, Budapest, Hungary
Genres Jazz, folk
Occupation(s) Saxophonist
Labels BMC Records

Mihály Dresch (born 1955 in Budapest) is a Hungarian saxophone player, and one of the most interesting jazz and folk musicians on the current Budapest scene. Specifically his merger of the American free-jazz tradition with elements of traditional Hungarian folk has led to inspired, unexpected pieces of modern music. (see also: Music of Hungary)

Dresch was studying to become an engineer when he turned to jazz. He was a member of the Károly Binder Quartet. In his first quartet as leader, founded in 1984, the legacy of John Coltrane's music can be recognized as one of the main sources of inspiration. The recent lineup (István Baló - drums, Ferenc Kovács - violin, Miklós Lukács - dulcimer, Mátyás Szandai - double bass) has existed since 1998. Over the years Dresch and his musicians have played and recorded with such artists as John Tchicai, Archie Shepp, Roscoe Mitchell, Chico Freeman, David Murray, Hamid Drake and Dewey Redman. The project with Archie Shepp led to the Hungarian Bebop recording of 2002, on which Shepp plays Dresch's original material. Dresch has performed at jazz festivals worldwide, including the London Jazz Festival.

In addition to his work as a leader, Dresch is a permanent member of György Szabados's band, the MAKUZ Ensemble. Szabados is generally considered to be the leading light of the free music movement in Hungary.


'Straight Music' ('Egyenes zene') was awarded 'Hungarian jazz album of the year, 2004' by Magazine Gramofon.

'Live Reed' (Élő nád') was awarded 'Jazz album of the Year 2006' by Magazine Gramofon.

Dresch was named 'Hungarian Jazz Musician of the Year' in 2005[citation needed].


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