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Mike Crossey
Years active2000–present
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Mike Crossey (born 1979) is a Brit Award-winning record producer, songwriter and mixing engineer. He produced Arctic Monkeys debut single, collaborating with them over two albums. He is known for his ongoing relationship with The 1975 in addition to productions with Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon, LANY, Foals, Keane, Jake Bugg, The Gaslight Anthem, MUNA, Wolf Alice and Yungblud.


Crossey started his career as a promoter of punk shows in Belfast before moving to Liverpool to complete his training at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. He remained in Liverpool, operating out of the Motor Museum, until 2012. During that period he produced some of the most critically acclaimed British indie acts.

After seeing the Arctic Monkeys perform he invited them to the studio and cut the band's first EP Five Minutes with Arctic Monkeys . He contributed production on the second album including singles "Teddy Picker", "Fluorescent Adolescent" and "Brianstorm"

He has since produced and mixed albums by Nothing But Thieves, Foals, Keane, Jake Bugg, Tribes, Blood Red Shoes, The Enemy, The Kooks, and Razorlight.[1]

After studying the sonic nature of BBC Radio One’s transmissions, frequency and compression, Mike has developed a solid reputation of creating separate radio mixes specifically suited for the channel. He has done so for acts such as The Black Keys.

2012 – 2015: London - The 1975, Twenty One Pilots, Jake Bugg, Wolf Alice[edit]

Moving to London in 2012, Crossey embarked on an ambitious year. He mixed the acclaimed Ben Howard album Every Kingdom and Two Door Cinema Club’s sophomore Beacon.

Working with a young Nottingham songwriter Jake Bugg, Crossey produced and mixed the singer's eponymous debut album Jake Bugg, which was certified platinum in the UK. The album was a commercial and critical success – receiving a 9/10 in NME[2] and 81/100 on metacritic.[3]

In 2012 Mike produced the Top 10 album[4] for The View's Cheeky for a Reason and mixed The Courteeners' third album ANNA which debuted at number two.[5]

He produced Manchester act The 1975's self-titled debut album, the American band The Gaslight Anthem's fifth album Get Hurt[6][7][8] and the track "The Judge" off of Twenty One Pilots' fourth studio album, Blurryface.[9]

Crossey also produced the Wolf Alice album My Love Is Cool in 2015 which received a 9/10 score from NME.[10]

2015 - 2019: Los Angeles - The 1975, Nothing But Thieves, Walk The Moon, MUNA, Half-Alive[edit]

Relocating to LA in 2015, he produced The 1975's second album, entitled I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It- the album received significant critical praise upon its release in 2016.[11]

In 2017 he scored a no2 UK album with British band Nothing But Thieves's sophomore[further explanation needed] album Broken Machine which he produced, mixed and contributing to writing.[12]

He produced the third Walk the Moon album What If Nothing, including single One Foot - the highest selling alternative single of the year.[13]

In 2018 he continued his relationship with The 1975 - mixing the album while the band took over production detail. He produced LANY's acclaimed second album, Malibu Nights, as well as an album for Billy Raffoul and mixed songs for Hozier.

2019 saw the release of MUNA's Number One Fan - the first from the Crossey produced album. He produced 4 songs off the 2019 Half-Alive album Now, Not Yet, once again producing on the same album as Mike Elizondo. Crossey is expected to have worked on upcoming releases for Yungblud and The Killers.

Songwriting and production discography[edit]

Title Year Artist(s) Album Credits Written with Produced with
"Sex" 2013 The 1975 The 1975 Producer The 1975
"The 1975" The 1975
"The City" The 1975
"M.O.N.E.Y." The 1975
"Chocolate" The 1975
"Talk!" The 1975
"An Encounter" The 1975
"Heart Out" The 1975
"Settle Down" The 1975
"Robbers" The 1975
"Girls" The 1975
"12" The 1975
"She Way Out" The 1975
"Menswear" The 1975
"Pressure" The 1975
"Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You" The 1975
"Giant Peach" 2015 Wolf Alice My Love Is Cool
"You're a Germ"
"Turn to Dust"
"Your Loves Whore"
"Soapy Water"
"The Wonderwhy"
"Moaning Lisa Smile"
"Heavenly Creatures"
"We're Not the Same"
"90 Mile Beach"
"Baby Ain't Made of China"
"I Saw You (In A Corridor)"
"Every Cloud"
"White Leather"
"Leaving You"
"The Judge" Twenty One Pilots Blurryface
"Love Me" The 1975 I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are
So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It
The 1975
"UGH!" The 1975
"Somebody Else" 2016 The 1975
"The Sound" The 1975
"A Change of Heart" The 1975
"The 1975" The 1975
"She's American" The 1975
"If I Believe You" The 1975
"Please Be Naked" The 1975
"Lostmyhead" The 1975
"The Ballad of Me and My Brain" The 1975
"Loving Someone" The 1975
"I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are
So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It"
The 1975
"This Must Be My Dream" The 1975
"Paris" The 1975
"Nana" The 1975
"She Lays Down" The 1975
"How to Draw" The 1975
"Cry Baby" Fickle Friends Non-album single Fickle Friends
"Brooklyn" You Are Someone Else
  • Co-writer
  • producer
Fickle Friends
"Hello Hello" 2017
"Boy" K.I.D Tired All of Time
"One Foot" Walk the Moon What If Nothing Producer Captain Cuts
"Headphones" Mike Elizondo
"Press Restart" Mike Elizondo
"Surrender" Captain Cuts
"All I Want" Mike Elizondo
"All Night" Mike Elizondo
"Kamikaze" Captain Cuts
"Tiger Teeth" Mike Elizondo
"Sound of Awakening" Mike Elizondo
"Feels Good to Be High" Mike Elizondo
"Can't Sleep (Wolves)" Mike Elizondo
"In My Mind" Mike Elizondo
"Lost in the Wild" Mike Elizondo
"Acoustic" 2018 Billy Raffoul 1975 EP
"Bite" Fickle Friends You Are Someone Else
  • Co-writer
  • producer
Fickle Friends
"Say No More" Producer Fickle Friends
"In My Head (Ditty)"
  • Co-writer
  • producer
Fickle Friends
"Rotation" Fickle Friends
"Paris" Producer Fickle Friends
"Midnight" Fickle Friends
  • Co-writer
  • producer
Fickle Friends
"Could You Be Mine?" Billy Raffoul 1975 EP Producer
"Errors" K.I.D Tired All the Time
  • Co-writer
  • producer
"Prodigal Daughter"
Bobby Lo
"I Cannot Sleep at Night"
"Antisocial" Steve Singh
"Drunk Enough to Love Me"
"Waiting Room"
Steve Singh
"Crystal Universe"
"Too High to Try/Raintree Lane"
"I'm Not a Saint" Billy Raffoul 1975 EP Producer
"Until the Hurting is Gone"
"Thru These Tears" LANY Malibu Nights
"I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore"
"Thick and Thin" LANY
"Taking Me Back" LANY
"If You See Her"
"Let Me Know"
"Valentine's Day" LANY
"Malibu Nights" LANY
"OK OK?" 2019 Half Alive Now, Not Yet


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