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Mike Dooley (born 7 February 1961, Orange, California) is a New York Times Bestselling author,[1] speaker, and entrepreneur in the philosophical New Thought movement. His teachings contain the premise that our "thoughts become things," an expression he made popular in Rhonda Byrne's book and video documentary on the Law of Attraction, The Secret.[2][3]


Dooley graduated from the University of Florida in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.


Dooley worked in Florida, Saudi Arabia, and Massachusetts as an international tax specialist for Price Waterhouse Coopers[4] before co-founding TUT Enterprises, Inc. in 1989 with his brother, Andy Dooley and mother.[5]

TUT sold its own line of T-shirts and gifts from a small chain of stores and through a distributor in Jyoetsu, Japan.[6] In 1999 the company wound down retail and wholesale operations and Dooley became the sole shareholder, transforming the business into today's "Adventurer's Club" to celebrate the adventure of life. By August 2015 there were 700,000 members, all of whom receive Dooley's daily e-mailings,[citation needed] "Notes from the Universe",[7] which have spun off into books, calendars, greeting cards, and world tours.[8][failed verification]

Dooley's work has been published in 25 languages.[8][failed verification]

Books and other publications[edit]

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