Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All

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Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All
The movie cover for Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All
Directed by John Nicolella
Produced by Jeffrey Morton
Written by Mickey Spillane
Rudy Day
Mark Edward Edens
Starring Stacy Keach
Lynda Carter
Lindsay Bloom
Don Stroud
Jim Carrey
Stacy Galina
Lyle Alzado
Royce D. Applegate
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson
Edward Winter
Michelle Phillips
Music by Ron Ramin
Distributed by CBS
Columbia Pictures
Release dates
May 21, 1989
Running time
92 min.
Language English

Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All is a 1989 mystery crime thriller television film. It starred Stacy Keach,[1] former Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter, Lindsay Bloom, Don Stroud, Michelle Phillips and the pre-stardom Jim Carrey. It was respectively filmed in New York City, New York and Las Vegas, Nevada. This television film features the Madonna song "Open Your Heart". It has oddly never been released on VHS or DVD.


Mike is asked by a Las Vegas entertainer named Johnny Roman (Edward Winter) to come to Vegas. Mike refuses, but somebody knocks him out and abducts him, then tosses him out of a plane with a parachute when arriving over Las Vegas.

Desiring to find out who got the drop on him, he decides to look up Johnny Roman. At his hotel, Hammer gets a backstage pass to Johnny's dressing room from an unknown writer. Johnny's doorman, Reggie Diaz (Lyle Alzado) keeps him from entering the dressing room and Mike beats him up, but Johnny tells Reggie to leave him alone. Mike thinks Johnny shanghaied him, but Johnny denies it. At that moment, Johnny tells Mike that the singer, Barbara Leguire stole something from him, but Johnny later gets shot by an unknown murderer and somebody planted evidence that points to Mike. Mike then sets out to try and clear his name after Barbara gets killed and he is again the suspect. He wonders if there was a key to Barbara's costume. Mike chases an unknown criminal who falls from the ceiling with him at the Hilton hotel's casino landing on a craps table. Mike meets a greedy medical doctor named Carl Durant at a hospital. Carl suspiciously asks him about Johnny's death and later who bailed him out of jail. The answer turns out to be his wife, Helen Durant (Lynda Carter).

Mike recovers afterwards and continues to search for clues about the murder mystery, but meets Amy Durant (Stacy Galina) and Carl's employee accountant, Brad Peters (Jim Carrey). Mike walks to Hilton's control room to turn off the security cameras, but the guards arrest him and send him to the security office's supervisor, Leora Van Treas (Michelle Phillips) who reveals to him that the criminal he was pursuing, but fell on the craps table with, was William Bundy (Royce D. Applegate). After leaving Leora's office, Mike thinks about calling Helen on the telephone for more facts about the ongoing murders, but Reggie beats him up once more. Brad breaks up the fight and sets up a trip for Mike to Bundy's ranch. Mike encounters Bundy once again, but he gets thrown out by him, left in the desert alone. Mike obtains a biker's motorcycle, and decides to let Brad return to Bundy's ranch with him. Bundy is found deceased when they arrive there, so they flee from the policemen and wander in the desert.

During their walk in the desert, Brad tells Mike that he is thinking about getting a career in being a comedian, but Mike has not been smiling for three days due to the ongoing murders. They soon find a Prospector's cabin and call Amy to send them back to downtown Las Vegas in her car. Amy later tells Mike that Johnny Roman was her biological father the whole time, though Carl was the man who raised her. Mike finds out that Helen lied to him about the true identification of Amy's father, so he seeks for Helen at Carl's clinic for that serious conversation. Helen explains about Johnny mistreating her when she was a young chorus girl, but explains that she married Carl during her pregnancy. Helen gives a suitcase to Mike to pay for the return of Johnny's diary. Leora waits at the Hoover Dam's catwalk. Two riflemen from Carl's clinic also await Mike including Reggie. The other rifleman whose name is John McNiece (Jessie Lawrence Ferguson, the same man who abducted Mike and tossed him out of the airplane) shoots Leora. Mike shoots both John and Reggie, but wonders who set it up. Helen soon takes Mike to Lake Mead to spend the night on her cabin boat, but she flees when he goes to sleep.

The next day, Carl and Brad arrive seeking for an account book which Mike mistakes for Johnny's diary. Carl seeks for Helen afterwards. At that moment, Carl opens a booby-trapped door which causes his entire boat to explode, but the explosion kills both him and Brad. Mike swims back to the dock after jumping overboard. While Mike confirms that Carl and Brad are both deceased, he finds out that Helen is still alive when he sees a boat with her name on it. He pursues her at Carl's clinic and finds out that neither the account book, diary, or key on Barbara's costume had an existence. In fact, Helen was the murderer all along. The actual fact is Johnny and Carl were stealing money from the foundation prior to their deaths. They were both Amy's fathers, but humiliated Helen when she had a relationship with them. The other actual fact was Barbara blackmailed Johnny for the fictitious diary. Mike has Helen arrested and sent to prison afterwards. Amy finds out that her parents, Brad and her biological father, Johnny told numerous lies to her. Mike tells Amy that she must rely on herself in the future and drops a bunch of dollars from Helen's case for a donation to Johnny's "Have a Heart" telethon bin. After that, he returns to Manhattan.


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