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Michael "Mike" Meros (1950–2007) was an American keyboardist best known as a member of the Beach Boys touring band from 1979 until July 4, 2001.[1]

Meros hailed from the Brooklyn Park neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. His entire family was musical and comprised a band known as the "Meros Brothers."[2] Mike played in other bands as well, including Shelley's Emeralds, the Bare Essentials, The Ravens and the New Apocalypse.[3]

Meros earned a degree in Music from the University of Maryland in 1972.


Meros died unexpectedly on December 26, 2007. He had been performing as recently as July 2007 with Al Jardine.


Michael Meros, 57, of Thousand Oaks died suddenly Dec. 26, 2007, in his home. Michael was born in Baltimore, Md. He lived in Ventura County for 16 years. He was originally from Santa Monica. Meros was a musician and piano teacher in Ventura County. He accompanied St. Paschal's Children's Choir and played the piano for the 5 o'clock Sunday Mass at St. Jude Catholic Church. Michael is survived by his wife, Jane; daughters, Meghan and Kelly; son, Austin; parents, Chester and Helen Meros; brothers, Gene, Stan Dennis and Terry; and sister, Debbie...

— Published in the Ventura County Star on 30 December 2007


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