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For the poet and essayist, see Mikirō Sasaki.

Mikio Sasaki (佐々木 幹夫, Sasaki Mikio?, born 8 October 1937) is chairman of the board of Mitsubishi Corporation.

In 1960, Sasaki graduated from Waseda University with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and management. That April he went to work for Mitsubishi Corporation where he stayed ever since. From 1993 to 1994 he was president of the American subsidiary Mitsubishi International Corp. in New York City. In 1994 he became a managing director in Japan, and the next year he became overall managing director of administration. In 1998 he became president and chief executive officer, and in 2004 he became chairman of the board.

On 13 June 2008, Sasaki was elected as a director of the International Chamber of Commerce.[1]



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