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Mige performing in 2013
Background information
Birth name Mikko Henrik Julius Paananen
Also known as Migé Amour,[1] Michael Eros,[2] MZ[3]
Born (1974-12-19) 19 December 1974 (age 42)
Genres Rock (see HIM's musical style)
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Bass guitar
Associated acts HIM, Daniel Lioneye
Website heartagram.com

Mikko Henrik Julius Paananen (born 19 December 1974), better known as Mige, is the bassist and founding member of the rock band HIM. With HIM, Mige has released eight studio albums, many of which have been certified gold and platinum. Mige has also performed and recorded with HIM-guitarist Linde Lindström's Daniel Lioneye -side project, as well as released his own album Cimmerica, under the pseudonym MZ.

Early life[edit]

Mikko Henrik Julius Paananen (better known as Mige) was born on 19 December 1974.[2] His father was an oboist in the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, while his mother was a freelance actor.[2][4] Paananen also has an older brother, nicknamed "Helmut".[2] The Paananen-family lived in Oulunkylä, Finland, until Mige's parent's divorced when he was 13.[5] Mige then moved to Tuusula with his mother, where he lived until he moved in with a friend in Kallio, while in high school.[6] Mige then later moved to Vallila, where he lived alone for some time.[6]

Mige began playing drums at age 10, before switching to guitar and eventually bass.[4] He was later accepted to the Sibelius High School of music and dance, from where he eventually graduated.[5] Mige's parents initially discouraged their son's intent to pursue a musical career, but eventually warmed-up to the idea.[5][4] Mige did also attend gardening school, and worked as a gardener for the city of Helsinki in the 90s.[4]



Main article: HIM (Finnish band)
Mige (center) performing live with HIM in 2013.

HIM was formed in the early 1990s by Mige and vocalist Ville Valo, under the name His Infernal Majesty.[7] The band however broke-up, when Mige began his national military service in 1993. His Infernal Majesty was later reformed in 1995, by Valo and guitarist Linde Lindström, who were soon rejoined by Mige.[7] After the additions of keyboardist Antto Melasniemi and drummer Juhana "Pätkä" Rantala, the band, now called "HIM", released their debut album Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 in 1997.[8] In 2000, now with drummer Gas Lipstick and keyboardist Juska Salminen, HIM released Razorblade Romance, which reached number 1 in Finland, Austria and Germany.[9][10][11][12] Its first single, "Join Me in Death", also charted at number 1 in Finland and Germany, eventually going platinum in the former.[9][10][11][13]

Following the addition of Janne "Burton" Puurtinen on keyboards, the band released Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights and Love Metal in 2001 and 2003, respectively. Both cracked the top ten in several countries, and became the band's first albums to chart in the United Kingdom and the United States.[14][15] After relocating to the US, HIM released Dark Light in 2005, which became the group's most successful album to date, going gold in Germany, the UK, the US, and platinum in Finland.[13][16][17]

In 2007, HIM released Venus Doom, which went gold in Finland and Germany, and gave the band their highest US-chart position at number 12.[15][13][16] After 2010's Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, the band went on hiatus after drummer Gas Lipstick was diagnosed with a repetitive stress injury and nerve damage in his hands.[18] After eight months of uncertainty, the band regrouped and eventually released the album Tears on Tape in 2013.[18] In 2015, Gas Lipstick announced his departure from HIM after 16 years, to pursue other musical projects.[19] He was subsequently replaced by Jukka "Kosmo" Kröger.[20]

Other work[edit]

Outside of HIM, Mige has collaborated various times with bandmate Linde Lindström in Lindström's band Daniel Lioneye.[21] Daniel Lioneye's debut album The King of Rock 'n Roll was released in 2001, and its title-track was later used as the theme to professional skater and television personality Bam Margera's series Viva La Bam.[21] In 2010, Mige, under the pseudonym "MZ" released the album Cimmerica, which was also mixed by Ville Valo.[22][3] In 2011, Mige toured the US with Daniel Lioneye, in support of Cradle of Filth.[23]

At the 2014 edition of HIM's annual New Year's Eve -festival Helldone, Mige once again performed with Daniel Lioneye, under the moniker "Daniel Lioneye & The Rollers".[24] On June 29, 2016, it was announced that Daniel Lioneye would release its third album Vol. III on August 19,2016.[21] Five Finnish tour dates for September were also announced.[21] On June 30, 2016, the official track-listing for Vol. III was released, as well as its first single "Ravensong".[25]


Mige currently uses a Fender Jazz Bass.[26] He previously used a Fender Precision Bass, as well as a Gibson Thunderbird, as seen in the music videos for "Right Here in My Arms" and "Join Me in Death" among others.[26][27][28] Mige uses a Fender Super Bassman amp head, as well as a Dunlop 105Q Bass Wah and a Death by Audio Soundwave Breakdown.[26][29] Mige previously used a Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ -amplifier.[26]



Main article: HIM discography

Daniel Lioneye[edit]

  • The King of Rock 'n Roll (2001)
  • Vol. III (2016)


  • Cimmerica (2010)


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