Mil Mi-22

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Not to be confused with the Airborne Command Post version of the Mil Mi-6.
Role transport helicopter
Manufacturer Mil

The Mil Mi-22 was a single-engined helicopter project of the 1960s. It was similar in size and shape to the Mil Mi-2 and had problems with planned engine configuration (first W-2 config.). Later schematics interested the Russian military by illustrations of higher-capacity engine configuration, 10A GTD-940 kW to be precise, (next W-20 config.) and had an improved fuselage, unlike the earlier Mil Mi-2. It was also planned to have a four-bladed main rotor, a two-bladed tail rotor, a larger cabin than that in the Mil Mi-2, and a skid undercarriage. The Mi-22 lost out to the larger Mi-24, which had better assault/transport abilities.