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Milan Vidmar Jr. (16 December 1909, Weiz – 10 November 1980, Ljubljana[1]) was a Slovenian-Yugoslavian chess master.

He was a son of Milan Vidmar, a leading Slovenian chess grandmaster.

In 1938, he tied for 9th–10th in Ljubljana (Boris Kostić won, and Milan Vidmar sr shared 5th place).[2] In 1942, he shared 1st with Efim Bogoljubow in Cottbus. He tied for 2nd–3rd with his father, behind Svetozar Gligorić, at Ljubljana (Liberation) 1945/46,[3] took 6th at Karlovy Vary / Mariánské Lázně 1948 (Jan Foltys won),[4] shared 8th at Vienna 1951 (4th Schlechter Memorial, Moshe Czerniak won),[5] and took 10th at Opatija 1953 (Aleksandar Matanović won).[6]

Vidmar Jr. played for Yugoslavia at first reserve board (+4 –0 =2) in the 9th Chess Olympiad at Dubrovnik 1950. He won team gold medal.[7]

He was awarded the IM title in 1950.[8]


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