Mild Orange

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Mild Orange
OriginDunedin, New Zealand
GenresDream Pop, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Years active2016–present

Mild Orange are a New Zealand based dream pop band. Their first album, "Foreplay", was released independently in April 2018[1] and was received positively by critics.[2][3] The single "Some Feeling" has achieved over 7 million views on YouTube.[4]


Mild Orange originates from Dunedin, New Zealand. The band was originally formed by early childhood friends Josh Mehrtens and Josh Reid and later joined by Tom Kelk and Jack Ferguson.[5] They were quickly catapulted into the music scene after securing a spot on a Corona Extra New Zealand tour and a New Year's eve set at Rhythm and Vines.

According to the band, the name Mild Orange was chosen because 'The colour orange can cause one to experience a heightened sense of optimism, a boost in aspiration, and a stimulation of warmth and happiness'.[5]

During 2018 they toured New Zealand with Jack Berry Band with stops in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and two sets at their hometown of Dunedin. During the tour, they had a wide range of supporting artists including DJ Snakelegs, The Halps, The Butlers, Old Boy and Hoochie World.[6]


The songs on "Foreplay" had their early beginnings in 2016 when Mehrtens and Reid found themselves living together in a ten-person flat in Dunedin and spending many nights together writing music.[6] Mehrtens then spent another six months recording the vocals and mixing in Arrowtown and Dunedin. Mehrtens had little previous experience recording or mixing and admitted that there were times he doubted his own experience and abilities.[3]

Their debut album, Foreplay was released in April 2018.[1] Foreplay was both independently produced and published, and it was released mainly in digital media. It was critically acclaimed for its "introspective nature", and "soothing guitar melodies":[3]

Foreplay is a thoroughly introspective album. It’s an honest exploration of love and loss. By the time I’d arrived home and had finished Foreplay, I had felt a lot. The album’s honest exploration of emotion, inspires it. You can’t ask for much more from any album.

Sam Fraser-Baxter, Hello Zukeen Magazine

With the exception of Stranger, which was recorded at the Chicks Hotel recording studio, the whole album was recorded in the band's own house. The lead singer, Josh Mehrtens, also doubled as producer and mixer. The fact that the record was not anchored to any recording label, according to Mild Orange, gave them a unique creative freedom: “We were keen as to record it ourselves so that we weren’t under any time pressures that you may encounter in a studio when you’re paying for time. We bought a bunch of pro-spec gear to at least try and get good quality but a lot of that comes down to the process."[3]

Despite the lack of a recording studio, critics acclaimed the clean sound of the album: "While many DIY recorded/mixed albums carry a DIY roughness with it, there is no such grittiness on Foreplay. Each track is meticulously crafted, every detail scrutinized. Mehrt(sic) is evidently a bit of a sonic wizard and his leap of faith has undoubtedly paid off."[3]

The record's style was described as "psychedelic" and full of "optimistic but introspective guitar-driven tunes",[7] and "an experimental, mellow and decidedly ambient sound. It's very relaxing and uplifting. A sound that is most definitely unconventional and has an Indie soft rock vibe."[5]

1."Intro" (synthesizer by Sam Mehrtens)2:33
2."Outro" (spoken words by Bena Simanu)2:23
3."Stranger" (recorded with Tom Bell)3:38
4."Some Feeling" (spoken words by Bena Simanu)3:17
6."Down by the River"3:57
7."Selfish Lover"4:45
8."Loosing Time"4:41
9."In the Living Room"3:52
10."Where Are We Now?"4:52


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