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Anna Mildred Massyn Veitch B.A. (1 November 1889 – 1970) was the last member of the Veitch family of horticulturists to manage the family business of Veitch Nurseries.

She was the daughter of Peter Veitch and his wife, Harriett Drew, and after completing her education joined the family business in Exeter. Following her father's death in 1929, she took over the business although she retained the business name, "Robert Veitch and Son".

In 1931, the nurseries made their final move to larger premises in Alphington which were closer to another large site in Exminster. The interests in the High Street, Exeter were moved to Cathedral Close, and this shop and seed warehouse remained in business until the late 1960s.

The independence of the Veitch Nurseries ended in 1969 when Mildred was forced to sell the company to St Bridget Nurseries due to ill health. The business of Robert Veitch and Son Ltd was run separately for nearly twenty years, but Veitch’s is now a subsidiary of St. Bridget and no longer trades under its own name.

She is commemorated by a Camellia "Mildred Veitch".[1]


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