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Miletić (Serbian Cyrillic: Милетић, pronounced [mǐletitɕ]; plural: Miletići, Милетићи) is a Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian surname, and is one of the common surnames in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

It derives from personal name Mileta, cognate of the English name Milius[citation needed]. The suffix is a diminutive designation, or descendant designation. Thus the last name can be translated as Mileta's son.[1]

There are several families in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia who carry this last name. The most numerous and the most prominent of the Miletići are found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Croatia.

It is one of the most common surnames in two counties of Croatia.[2]

People with last name Miletić:

Places named Miletić:


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