Military Courage (DuBois)

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Military Courage
Paul Dubois-Military courage.jpg
Artist Paul Dubois
Year 1885
Medium Bronze
Dimensions 180 cm × 61 cm × 81 cm (70 in × 24 in × 32 in)
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Coordinates 39°17′50.95″N 76°37′0.45″W / 39.2974861°N 76.6167917°W / 39.2974861; -76.6167917
Owner City of Baltimore

Military Courage is a bronze statue, by Paul Dubois.

It is located in the West Garden, at Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore.[1] The statue is a copy of the original, on the Cenotaph of General Jucault de Lamoricière in Nantes Cathedral, given by William Thompson Walters. A reduced example is in the Walters Art Museum.[2]

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