Miller Park (Bloomington, Illinois)

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Miller Park pavilion
Miller Park's train

Miller Park is a public park in Bloomington, Illinois, United States. It is in the southwest part of the city, on a large block south of Wood Street and east of Morris Avenue.

The park features a pavilion, an artificial lake, a zoo, softball fields, two war memorials, and a preserved steam locomotive, its tender (rail) and a caboose from the Nickel Plate Road which formerly served the area. The park also includes a mini golf course, sand volleyball courts and a playground.

During the warm weather of summer an outdoor theater provides productions for local people. On July 4 the park hosts a fireworks display which is launched over the lake.

Monkey Island[edit]

Miller Park was also once home to what the locals called "Monkey Island" during the 1960s. In the middle of man-made Miller Park Lake, there stood a platform with the metal dome that once belonged to McLean County Courthouse,[1] on which they had a live monkey exhibit, designed by Grover Kathoffer.[2] Though the exhibit has long been gone, many of the local residents remember the "Monkey Island" that once was.

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