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Mills & Gibb building, 462 Broadway (1893)
Mills & Gibb building, 4th Avenue & 22nd Street (now 300 Park Avenue South) (1910)
John Gibb (1829-1905)

Mills & Gibb was a US importing and jobbing firm in New York City, New York. It specialized in lace and linen,[1] as well as dry goods.[2] It was originally located at 44 White Street. In 1880, the business moved to the 462 Broadway building, on the northeast corner of Grand and Broadway. It then purchased a site at Fourth Avenue and 22nd Street where it erected in 1910 a 16-story building,[3] now known as 300 Park Avenue South.[4] It was established by Philo L. Mills and John Gibb in 1865. A few years later, William T. Evans was admitted, and in 1903 the firm was incorporated, with Gibb as president; Mills, vice-president; and Evans, as secretary and treasurer.[5]


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