Min Letya of Ava

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Min Letya
Governor of Ava
ReignMay 1584 – September/October 1586
PredecessorThado Minsaw (Viceroy)
SuccessorMinye Kyawswa II (Viceroy)
Bornc. 1540
DiedSeptember/October 1586[note 1]
Thadingyut 948 ME
Ava (Inwa)
IssueKhin Me (daughter)[1]
ReligionTheravada Buddhism

Min Letya (Burmese: မင်းလက်ျာ, pronounced [mɪ́ɴ lɛʔ jà]; died 1586) was governor of Ava (Inwa) from 1584 to 1586 during the reign of King Nanda of Toungoo Dynasty of Burma (Myanmar). Min Letya was the only son of King Tabinshwehti mentioned in the Burmese chronicles.[note 2]

Letya was appointed governor of Ava (Inwa) in May 1584 by Nanda. His appointment came after the king had put down a serious rebellion by Thado Minsaw, the viceroy of Ava on 24 April 1584 and after the king had been informed of a rebellion by Siam in May 1584. The office was strictly a non-hereditary governorship, not the viceroyship Thado Minsaw enjoyed.[2] It reflected Nanda's desire not to have a strong ruler in Upper Burma to be in a position to challenge him while he dealt with Siam. Letya loyally administered Upper Burma without incident until he died in October 1586. He was succeeded by Minye Kyawswa II, a son of Nanda, as viceroy.[3]

Letya had at least one daughter named Khin Me (ခင်မည်း), who later became a minor queen of King Nyaungyan.[1]


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  2. ^ Since the chronicles do not mention who his mother was, his mother may have been a minor queen or concubine.


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Min Letya of Ava
Born: c. 1540 Died: September/October 1586
Royal titles
Preceded by
Thado Minsaw
as Viceroy of Ava
Governor of Ava
May 1584 – September/October 1586
Succeeded by
Minye Kyawswa II
as Viceroy of Ava