Mount Yoko (Hidaka)

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Mount Yoko
Highest point
Elevation 725.3 m (2,380 ft)
Listing List of mountains and hills of Japan by height
Coordinates 42°20′37″N 142°34′51″E / 42.34361°N 142.58083°E / 42.34361; 142.58083Coordinates: 42°20′37″N 142°34′51″E / 42.34361°N 142.58083°E / 42.34361; 142.58083
Location Hokkaidō, Japan
Parent range Hidaka Mountains
Topo map Geographical Survey Institute (国土地理院?, Kokudochiriin) 25000:1 ペラリ山, 50000:1 農屋
Mountain type Fold

Mount Yoko (横山?, Yoko-yama) is located in the Hidaka Mountains, Hokkaidō, Japan. The mountain has three peaks:

  • North Mount Yoko (北横山?, Kita-yoko-yama) — 725.3 metres (2,379.6 ft)
  • Mount Yoko Middle Peak (横山中岳?, Yoko-yama-naka-dake) — 724 metres (2,375 ft)
  • South Mount Yoko (南横山?, Minami-yoko-yama) — 655.5 metres (2,150.6 ft)