Minamoto no Yoshikiyo

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Minamoto.

Minamoto no Yoshikiyo (源 義清)(1075?-1149?) was son of Shinra Saburo Minamoto no Yoshimitsu who was son of Minamoto no Yoriyoshi, brother of famous samurai Minamoto no Yoshiie (known as Hachimantaro).[1] Yoshikiyo decided to move away from Minamoto clan to Takeda of Kai province. He then founded the Takeda line, also known as Kaigenji Takeda. Kai is from Kai Province, and Genji is the Chinese root of their family name (Minamoto). Minamoto no Yoshikiyo switched his name to Takeda no Yoshikiyo for life. He and his son, Kiyomitsu (1110-1168), were in succession the founder of the Kai-genji family. Kiyomitsu is considered to be the progenitor of the Takeda.


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