Mind the Gap (2007 film)

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Mind the Gap
Directed by Helena Bergström
Produced by Colin Nutley
Waldemar Bergendahl
Written by Denize Karabuda
Starring Rakel Wärmländer
Nina Zanjani
Korhan Abay
Music by Per Andréasson
Cinematography Olof Johnson
Release date
  • 16 February 2007 (2007-02-16)
Running time
103 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Mind the Gap (Swedish: Se upp för dårarna) is a 2007 Swedish film directed by Helena Bergström.


The movie tells the story of Yasmin Demiroglu whose family moved from Turkey to Stockholm when she was eight years old. Yasmin's father Sinan had a good reputation as a cardio-thoracic surgeon while living in Turkey and is thus very unsatisfied with his job in Sweden – he is an underground train driver. Yasmin, 20 years of age, wants to show that she can fill an important position in society and has the big ambition of becoming the Minister of Justice of Sweden. Of course she has to begin in a small way and so she starts a police officer's apprenticeship at "Polishögskolan" where she meets Elin, a Swedish girl. The two of them become friends. Soon their relationship to each other and to their families are put to the test as several unexpected twists and turns take place.


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