Mindia Khitarishvili

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Mindia Khitarishvili
Mindia Khitarishvili.jpg
Batumi Art and Music Center
Background information
Born (1973-01-01)January 1, 1973
Batumi, Adjar ASSR, Georgian SSR
Genres Avantgarde music, Jazz, Soundtrack, Music for Cinema and Theatre
Occupation(s) Composer, Arranger , Record producer
Instruments Piano, Synthesizer, harmonica
Years active 1996–present
Website mindiakhitarishvili.musicaneo.com

Mindia Khitarishvili (Georgian: მინდია ხითარიშვილიƒ˜; Russian: Миндия Хитаришвили‡; Batumi, born January 1, 1973) is a Georgian composer.


1987-1991 he studied at The Musical College of Batumi, Choir - Conducting Department. 1991-1996 studied at the Tbilisi State Conservatory and the Academy of Arts of Georgia on Musicological-Composition faculty.(Composition Class of Prof. N.Mamisashvili). Since 1996, he has worked in the Batumi Music College name Zh.Paliashvili head of the department of Pop music.In parallel collaborated edited musical version of Adjara TV. Worked as a music editors.He is a member of the Union of Composers and Authors of Georgia.Since 2001, member of the Adjarian union organizing theatrical figures of Georgia. From 2001 he worked in the Batumi State Conservatory (now the State University of the Arts). Introduced the course polyphony, orchestration, Musical instrument classification (organology), jazz harmony and improvisation. From 2004 he worked as a specialist orchestral arrangements in the Batumi State Music Center. From 1998 to 2012 worked as a music producer and composer Batumi State Puppet Theatre and Young People. For his contribution to the development of Georgian theater arts, in 2003 beat the honorary title of Honored Worker of Arts of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara.He has received numerous awards, prizes and international diplomas.

Creativity and a List of works[edit]

In Batumi Musical Theater at the State Music Center, he orchestrated and arranged the opera: "Princess Turandot" (on the story by Carlo Gozzi),V.Bellini "Capuleti e Montecchi", R. Cocciante "Notre Dame de Paris" , G. Presgurvic "Romeo e Giulietta". Mindia Khitarishvili author of two Rock-Operas "The Earth Time" (Libretto J.Charkviani) and "The ballad of Tavparavneli" (Libretto I.Gurieli) based on the play T.Chiladze. Premiered in 2010. Director-producer George Tavadze. The author works in the genres of symphonic, chamber - instrumental, choral, vocal and pop music. Among them: the Concerto for Two Pianos, Percussion and Strings. (2007) Chamber Symphony for baritone and string orchestra. (2008) String Quartet "withered beech" (inspired by Vaja-Pshavela). Song cycle "Singing lines" for Mezzo-soprano and Piano (lyrics G.Tabidze) Music for the Cinema and Theater. About 40 music drama and puppet performances to. Among them: "Flea and ant" /Rckili da chianchvela/, "Pippi Longstocking"/Pepi grdzelitsinda/ (Director R.Bainazishvili). "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" /Fifkia da shvidi juja/, "One Thousand and One Nights" / Shahrazadas atas erti gamis zgapari/, "Noah's Ark" /Noes kidobani/ (Director E.Tavartkiladze). "The Bremen Town Musicians"/ Bremeneli musikosebi/, "The Argonauts"/Argonavtebi/, "Iron heart"/Rkinis guli/, "Mother Courage and Her Children" /Deda kuraji da misi shvilebi/ (Director Z.Tsintsadze). "Puss in Boots" /Cheqmebiani kata/ (Director R.Geladze). "The Ransom of Red Chief" /Tsitelkanianta beladi/, "Dragon" /Drakoni/ (Director T.Bolkvadze). "The Naphthalene" /Naftalini/ (Director R.Ioseliani). "Beauty and the Beast" /Mzetunakhavi da urchkhuli/, "Impatiens and Mouse" /Tsuna da tsrutsuna/ (Director E.Matskhonashvili)."Coast of colored mists" /Feradi nislebis sanapiro/ (Director D.Matskhonashvili) Since 2012 lives and works in Israel.Plays keyboards in the band Re-Marka and The ShajTan.Operates a Music producer in the GTV television (Art Master Group).

GTV Telecompany.jpg

Rock - Operas. "The Earth Time" /1996-98/ (Libretto J.Charkviani) "The ballad of Tavparavneli" In two acts. /2010/ (Libretto I.Gurieli) based on the play T.Chiladze. Premiered in 2010. Batumi State Drama Theatre. Director-producer George Tavadze. For the Symphony Orchestra Choreographic novels /2004/ Blues notes /2007/ Quinta essentia /2008/

For Choir and Orchestra. «Veni Vidi Vici» /1999/ Heavenly Voice /2000 /

Chamber Instrumental. Concerto for two pianos, string and percussion instruments. /2007/ Chamber Symphony for baritone and string orchestra. /2008/ Memory (for string orchestra) /2002/ Piano Trio /1998/ Piano Quintet /2003/ String Quartet "withered beech" /1996/ String Quartet /2004/ Night sketches. (for flute, oboe, cello and harmonium) /1997/ For two Guitars "Improvisation in the form of variations" /1999/ For two Pianos "Waltz - Ragtime," "Self-Portrait" /1997/ "Lyrical Ballads" Cycle for Bass and Guitar. (The words of the people) /1998/ Song cycle "Singing lines" for Mezzo-soprano and Piano (lyrics G.Tabidze) Three Preludes for saxophone and piano. /1998/ Sonata for Cello and Piano. /1996/ Sonata for Violin and Piano. /1997/

For Piano. Sonata - Fantasia "bells" "Improvisation in the form of variations" "Musical Moment","Impromptu","Kaleidoscope" "Postludia","of inertia","Humoresque".

For Chorus. "Elegy" (Lyrics I.Chavchavadze) "Voice Katamon" (Lyrics I.Abashidze) Jazz-Chorale (Lyrics V.Javakhadze) "He, like blood" (Lyrics M.Machavariani) "Prayer inspiration" (Lyrics T.Graneli)

Music for the Theatre. Vazha-Pshavela "Flea and ant" (Dramatization Ts.Antadze) /1998/, Astrid Lindgren "Pippi Longstocking" /1999/, R.Gurgenadze "bird of light" /1999/, The Brothers Grimm "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids" /2001/ (Director R.Bainazishvili) L.Ustinov, O.Tabakov "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" /1999/, G.Nakhutsrishvili "One Thousand and One Nights" / 2000/, T.Chiladze "Noah's Ark" /2002/ (Director E.Tavartkiladze) O' Henry "The Ransom of Red Chief " /2000/, E. Schwartz "Dragon" /2006/ (Director T.Bolkvadze) B. Aprilov "The Adventures of Penguin" /2002/ (Director G.Sarchimelidze) French folk tale "Three Little Pigs" (Dramatization N. Antidze) /2006/ (Director G.Geladze) Charles Perrault "Puss in Boots" /2008/ (Director R.Geladze) L. Bugadze "Naphthalene" /2008/ (Director R.Ioseliani) E.Matskhonashvili "Beauty and the Beast" /2009/, "Impatiens and Mouse" /2010/ (Director E.Matskhonashvili) G. Oster "Hey monkey" /2006/, E.Uspensky "Crocodile Gena and his friends"/2006/, The Brothers Grimm "The Bremen Town Musicians" /2007/, N.Abuladze "Тhe Argonauts" /2008/, Y.Olesha "Three Fat Men" /2010/, Bertolt Brecht "Mother Courage and Her Children" /2011/ (Director Z.Tsintsadze)

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http://mindiakhitarishvili.musicaneo.com/ru/ https://soundcloud.com/mindia-khitarishvili https://myspace.com/mindiakhitarishvili http://www.realmusic.ru/m_khitarishvili/ http://puppet-show.org/en/