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Minemhat (Min is at the front) was an Ancient Egyptian official of the 17th Dynasty. He was mayor of Koptos. The 17th Dynasty is one of the least known periods of Egyptian history. There are not many royal and not many private monuments preserved. Minemhat appears in three sources making him one of the best attested private individuals of the period and attesting that he was a highly influential person. Minemhat appears on the Coptos Decree of king Nubkheperre Intef. This is a royal decree addressed to certain officials at Koptos with Minemhat appearing as the first one with the titles royal sealer and mayor of Koptos. The decree is about the removal of Teti, Son of Minhotep, from his position in the temple at Koptos. Minemhat appears on a box in the burial of Hornakht,[1] showing that he had links to officials at Thebes. Minemhat appears also on a stela found at Gebel Zeit demonstrating that he was involved in some kind of expedition.[2]


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