Minerva Bloom

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Minerva Bloom
Born 1959 (age 57–58)
Tinguindin, Michoacán

Minerva Bloom is a bilingual poet and nature photographer born in 1959[1] in Tinguindin, Michoacán[2] a small town nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. She has been living and is a citizen of the USA, since 1983 and writes poetry both in English and her native Spanish language. She currently resides in the state of Florida.

Minerva Bloom has published books of photography, poetry, and naval history, and has contributed for several international poetry and art anthologies. In the years 1999 and 2000 she worked with Nobel Prize candidate Marcia Theophilo in the translation of selected poems. Her nature photography has been chosen by several international poetry authors for their book covers. On the Internet, her contributions can be found at several journals and literary zines dedicated to the art of haiga and haiku.


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