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This article is about a river. For the village, see Minija (village).
Minija (Lithuania).png
Map highlighting Minija
Country Lithuania
Basin features
Main source Lithuania, Lake Didovas
River mouth Neman River
Basin size 2,978 km2 (1,150 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 213 km (132 mi)
  • Average rate:
    38.7 m3/s (1,370 cu ft/s)

Minija is a river in western Lithuania and a tributary to Nemunas. It begins from small Lake Didovas, and hydrographically from lake Sydeklis, 14 km south of Telšiai. The rivulet that flows out of Sydeklis here is called Mava, in between Lake Ilgis and Lake Pluotinalis - Kliurkė and only after Lake Didovo it gets the Minija name.

It flows through Lakes Ilgis, Pluotinalis, Didovas, and Gargždai, Priekulė towns before reaching the Atmata distributary of the Nemunas delta.

In 1873 a channel, called "Vilhelmo kanalas" was built that connected Minija directly with Klaipėda port.

Tributary rivers[edit]

  • Left: Pala, Alantas, Žvelsa, Agluona, Veiviržas, Tenenys
  • Right: Sausdaravas, babrungas, Mišupė, Salnatas
Minija near Kintai

Coordinates: 55°21′N 21°17′E / 55.350°N 21.283°E / 55.350; 21.283