Minister of Commerce (Northern Ireland)

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Northern Ireland 1921–72

The Minister of Commerce was a member of the Executive Committee of the Privy Council of Northern Ireland (Cabinet) in the Parliament of Northern Ireland which governed Northern Ireland from 1921 to 1972. The post was combined with that of the Minister of Agriculture until 1925. In 1943, it was renamed Minister of Commerce and Production and was combined with the post of Prime Minister of Northern Ireland until 1945, then with Leader of the Senate of Northern Ireland until 1949.

# Name Took Office Prime Minister Party
1. Edward Archdale 7 June 1921 Craig UUP
2. John Milne Barbour 16 April 1925 Craig, Andrews UUP
3. Sir Basil Brooke 16 January 1941 Andrews, Brookeborough UUP
4. Roland Nugent 16 February 1945 Brookeborough UUP
5. Brian Maginess 12 April 1949 Brookeborough UUP
6. William McCleery 4 November 1949 Brookeborough UUP
7. Daniel Dixon 26 October 1953 Brookeborough UUP
8. Jack Andrews 17 October 1961 Brookeborough UUP
9. Brian Faulkner 25 March 1963 O'Neill UUP
10. Roy Bradford 24 January 1969 O'Neill, Chichester-Clark UUP
11. Robin Bailie 23 March 1971 Faulkner UUP