Ministry of Culture (Estonia)

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Ministry of Culture
Eesti Kultuuriministeerium
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Agency overview
Headquarters Suur-Karja 23 15076, Tallinn
Agency executive

The Ministry of Culture of Estonia (Estonian: Eesti Kultuuriministeerium) is a Cabinet-level governmental agency in Estonia in charge of conducting and organising the country's cultural affairs and policies.

Structure of the ministry[edit]

The ministry is headed by the minister who interacts with undersecretaries on Fine Arts, Cultural Heritage, International Relations and Cultural Diversity, and Sports.[1] The ministry is responsible for creating favorable legislative and financial conditions for promotion and development of Estonian culture, its heritage, and sports.

The areas the Ministry of Culture is responsible for are:

  • Literature and publishing
  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Fine arts
  • Cinema
  • Folk art
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Cultural heritage
  • Creative industries
  • Broadcasting and audiovisual policy
  • Copyright and neighboring rights
  • Cultural diversity and integration
  • Sports

Indrek Saar is the current minister since 9 April 2015.[2] The Secretary General of the Ministry is currently Paavo Nõgene.

List of Ministers of Culture[edit]

# Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Peeter Olesk November 1994 November 1997 Estonian National Independence Party
2 Jaak Allik November 1997 December 1999 Estonian Coalition Party
3 Signe Kivi December 1999 April 2003 Estonian Reform Party
4 Urmas Paet April 2003 May 2005 Estonian Reform Party
5 Raivo Palmaru May 2005 5 April 2007 Estonian Centre Party
6 Laine Jänes 5 April 2007 5 April 2011 Estonian Reform Party
7 Rein Lang 6 April 2011 4 December 2013 Estonian Reform Party
8 Urve Tiidus 4 December 2013 9 April 2015 Estonian Reform Party
9 Indrek Saar 9 April 2015 Incumbent Social Democratic Party


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