Ministry of Public Health (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

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The Ministry of Public Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (French: Ministère de la Santé Publique) is the country's health ministry.

It has a public health system based loosely on the historical Belgian colonial public health system. The ministry is largely a policy and oversight organization, with operational functions embodied within a number of subordinate ministry organizations, including the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Institute of Biomedical Research (Institut National de Recherché Biomédicale) and the Kinshasa School of Public Health. The latter trains physicians in public health, staffs the public health infrastructure composed of Health Zones, including the Health Zone doctors who provide both public health services and partial staffing of district hospitals.

In November 2012,[citation needed] Dr. Félix Kabange Numbi was appointed Health Minister in Democratic Republic of the Congo.[1]

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