Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (South Sudan)

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South Sudan
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Department overview
JurisdictionSouth Sudan
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is a ministry of the Government of South Sudan. The incumbent minister is Barnaba Marial Benjamin, while Atem Yak Atem serves as deputy minister.[1]

The ministry functions as the mouthpiece of the government and has the mandate to release government press releases, press statements, and organize public education campaigns. It also offers media organizations opportunities to report on government activities. The ministry also organizes public events with the aim to engage the people of South Sudan in a dialogue with their government.

List of Ministers of Information and Broadcasting[edit]

Minister of Information and Broadcasting In Office Party President Note(s)
Barnaba Marial Benjamin Since July 2011 Sudan People's Liberation Movement Salva Kiir Mayardit In office


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