Ministry of Petroleum and Mining

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South Sudan
Ministry of Petroleum
Department overview
JurisdictionSouth Sudan
Minister responsible
  • Awow Daniel Chuang, Minister of Petroleum and Mining

The Ministry of Petroleum is a ministry of the Government of South Sudan. The incumbent minister is Awow Daniel Chuang, the ministry of petroleum contributes more than 90% of the south Sudan total income through oil production and exportation to different counties through north sudan pipe line from the oil fields in south sudan to the port sudan in red sea. the government of sudan is heavily taxing south sudan for using the pipe line, and with the recent declined in the oil prices in the international market, this declined in the oil prices has really affected the economy of the country. [1]

List of Ministers of Petroleum[edit]

Minister of Petroleum In Office Party President Note(s)
Stephen Dhieu Dau Since July 2011 Sudan People's Liberation Movement Salva Kiir Mayardit In office


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