Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (Albania)

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Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure
Ministria e Transportit dhe Infrastrukturës
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Ministry overview
Headquarters Tirana  Albania
Minister responsible
Website Official Website
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The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (Albanian: Ministria e Transportit dhe Infrastrukturës) is part of the Albanian government. The Ministry is responsible for the transport, infrastructure, technical standards, water supply and sanitation, and urban waste management.

The current minister is Sokol Dervishaj.


The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is made up of several subordinate structures. These include: the General Directorate of Policy, the Directorate of Transportation Policy, the Directorate of Water Supply and Sewage Policy, the General Directorate of Standards and Monitoring, the Directorate for Licensing and Construction Regulations, the Directorate of Monitoring and Statistics, the Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety, the Directorate of Support Services, the Directorate of Fincance, the General Directorate for Integration, the Directorate for Projects, and the Directorate for European Integration.[1]

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