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Mink Trapping – A Book of Instruction Giving Many Methods of Trapping – A Valuable Book for Trappers.

Mink Trapping
Mink Trapping Cover (1906)
Author Arthur Robert Harding
Country America
Language English
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher A. R. Harding Publishing Co.
Publication date
August 6, 1906 (copyright)
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 183 pp
Preceded by Fox Trapping
Followed by Deadfalls and Snares


One of Harding's Pleasure & Profit Books. A collection of mink trapping instructions and tips from the author and other trappers in the United States and Canada, including photographs and illustrations.

The book gives information on where and how to set for mink, including land, water, blind sets, baits and scent to use, methods in Northern and Southern states, size and care of skins.[1][2]

Excerpts and illustrations[edit]

Chapter 2, Mink And Their Habits, page 23[edit]

I have had a world of experience trapping but very limited at catching, says an Arkansas trapper, yet plenty of both to be fully capable of solving the question as to whether or not mink are afraid of the scent of iron. It is simply this. Some mink are positively afraid of it and some are positively not so.

Chapter 14, Many Good Methods, page 113[edit]

The mink is very cunning and hard to catch in a steel trap unless you know how and where to set, which is about the only secret there is in catching mink. I have had people write to know what scent I used and how I set traps. A man can learn better methods as long as he traps—experience is the best teacher and unless he is willing to work hard he will never make a successful trapper of any kind of game. – Moses Bone

Chapters (First Edition 1906)[edit]

Trapping Down Stream
Trapping Down Stream
Three Log Set
Three Log Set
  • 1. General Information
  • 2. Mink and Their Habits
  • 3. Size and Care of Skins
  • 4. Good and Lasting Baits
  • 5. Bait and Scent
  • 6. Places to Set
  • 7. Indian Methods
  • 8. Mink Trapping on the Prairie
  • 9. Southern Methods
  • 10. Northern Methods
  • 11. Unusual Ways
  • 12. Illinois Trapper's Method
  • 13. Experienced Trapper's Ways
  • 14. Many Good Methods
  • 15. Salt Set
  • 16. Log and Other Sets
  • 17. Points for the Young Trapper
  • 18. Proper Size Traps
  • 19. Deadfalls
  • 20. Steel Traps


Caught in Minnesota
Caught in Minnesota

Hunter-Trader-Trapper Magazine, Vol 15, No. 1, Oct 1907[edit]

MINK TRAPPINGWhile this book has only been upon the market about one year the first edition is nearly sold and the second is being printed and bound. While this book contains less than 200 pages 5x7 inches it is by far the best book for mink trappers ever produced. The author in his introduction says: "While there are some excellent mink trappers no one man has studied out all the methods, for the conditions under which the trapper in the South makes his largest catches would probably be of little to the trapper of the Far North, where snow covers the ground the greater part of year. Conditions along the Atlantic are than the Pacific, and as well the used by thousands of trappers along Mississippi and its tributaries differ the Eastern or Western Coast trapper, for the mink's food is not the same along fresh inland waters as the coast or salt water. The methods published are from all of the country, and many experienced trappers tell of their best methods, so that it makes no difference in what part of you live, something will be found of to trap in your section. Most of the articles are taken from those published in the H-T-T with slight correction."[3]


1907 Mink Trapping Advertisement

First published by A. R. Harding Publishing Company, Columbus, Ohio, August 6, 1906 (copyright), later editions are currently available in hardcover and paperback.[2][4]


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