Minuto para Ganar

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Minuto para Ganar
Created byTelefe Contenidos
Presented byAlejandro "Marley" Wiebe
Noelia Marzol (2011-2013, 2019)
Nazareno Móttola (2021)
Lizy Tagliani (2021)
Victoria Xipolitakis (2021)
Florencia Peña (2021)
StarringCarla Bonfante
Country of originArgentina
No. of seasonsSpanish language: 3
Running time60 minutes
Original networkTelefe
Original release17 July 2011 (2011-07-17) –
11 April 2021 (2021-04-11)

Minuto para Ganar (English:Minute to Win It) was a program of entertainment Argentine winner Martín Fierro Awards, hosted by Alejandro "Marley" Wiebe, which began on July 17, 2011 and ended on April 11, 2021 by Telefe.[1]

It is the local adaptation of the hit American show Minute to Win It. The program received positive reviews and had good numbers by the audience and managed to be renewed for three seasons.[2]

Program format[edit]

The participant must face ten different games, one minute each. You will have three "lives" that will lose every time fails to make the game in the allotted time. Also, you can not go to the next game without accomplish in 60 seconds. Typically losing a life the participant is taken by the driver to a secluded corner below the screen instructions to try to recover.

The "safe places" are stages of the program which, once passed, ensure the participant the amount of money obtained so far, that is, if the participant lost the game No. 6, for example, as has already exceeded the game No. 5, which is considered a safe place, will withdraw from the program having obtained $25,000 in prize money. Each time the contestant to win a game, you can decide whether to continue or withdraw the sum of money you have accumulated so far.

The participant will receive for winning each of the games, the following amounts:

  • Game 1: $1.000
  • Game 2: $2.500
  • Game 3: $5.000
  • Game 4: $10.000
  • Game 5: $25.000
  • Game 6: $50.000
  • Game 7: $75.000
  • Game 8: $100.000
  • Game 9: $500.000
  • Game 10: $1.000.000


Specials of minute to win[edit]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Work Result
2011 Tato Awards Best entertainment program Minuto para Ganar Nominated
Martín Fierro Awards Won
Best male host Alejandro "Marley" Wiebe Nominated
2012 Tato Awards Best entertainment program Minuto para Ganar Nominated
Best male host Alejandro "Marley" Wiebe Won
2013 Martín Fierro Awards Best entertainment program Minuto para Ganar Nominated
Best male host Alejandro "Marley" Wiebe Nominated


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