Mir Gwahram Khan Lashari

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Mir Gwahram Khan Lashari also (Mir Govahram Khan Lashari, Mir Gwaharam Khan Lashari or Mir Gohram Khan Lashari) was a Baloch chieftain in the 15th century. He was considered as a hero of the Lashari Baloch's, he also played a prominent part in Baloch history.

Thirty Years War[edit]

Mir Gwahram and Mir Chakar Rind, head of the Rind Baloch tribe, went to war that resulted in thousands dead, including Mir Chakar's brother. The war and the gallantry of the two tribal leaders continues to be a part of the Baloch peoples' history.[1]

Under their pressure, the Lasharis and the Rinds disengaged themselves, the Lasharis going to Thatta and thence to Gujarat and Mir Chakar Rind taking his people to the Multan region.[2]


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