Mir Jalal Khan

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Mir Jalal Khan Baloch (Balochi: مير جَلال حان بلوچ) son of Haroon Khan son of Sulaiman Khan son of Mando Khan son of Zabar Kush Khan son of Laulak Khan son of Arghuan Khan son of Noorullah Khan son of Baloch Khan.

Mir Jalal Khan was the ruler and founder of the First Balochi Confederacy in the 12th century. A confederacy which did not last due to political rivalries, but it laid the ground for future attempts at political integration and cohesion among the Baloches.

He left four sons, Rind Khan, Lashar Khan, Hooth Khan, Korai Khan, and a daughter Mir Jato, who married his nephew Murad. These five are the eponymous founders of the five great divisions of the tribe, the Rinds, Lasharis, Hooths, Korais, and Jatois.

Rind had been appointed successor to the Phagh or Royal Turban by his father and proposed to perform the ceremonies and erect an asrokh or memorial canopy. His brother and rival Hooth refused to join him, whereupon the others also refused; each performed the ceremony separately, and there were five asrokhs in Kech. Some of the Balochs joined one and some another, and so the five great tribes were formed.

Alternative origin[edit]

It seems probable that there were five principal gatherings of clans under well-known leaders, and that they became known by some nickname or descriptive epithet, such as the Rinds (‘chess’), the Hooths (‘warriors‘), the Lasharis (‘men of Lashar‘), etc., and that these names were afterwards transferred to their ostensible ancestors. The Buledis, or men of Buleda 2 probably joined the confederacy later. The same may be said of the Ghazanis and Umaranis.[1]


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