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Mireya Robles (born 1934) is an award-winning Cuban American writer and literary critic.

Robles was born in Guantánamo, she was educated in Cuba where she attended the Institute of Guantánamo and the University of Havana. She emigrated to the United States in 1957 and continued her studies at the Russell Sage College and was awarded her doctorate from the State University of New York. She has held numerous teaching positions and presently divides her time between South Africa and the United States.

She writes novels, prose, and short stories as well as literary criticism. Some of her works have been translated. She was awarded the First Prize of the Iberoamerican Poets and Writers Guild in 1971 and the gold medal of the Academie Internationale de Lutèce in 1974. In 1989 she was a finalist for the Spanish literature award, the Nadal Prize.


  • Combinado del este. Novel
  • Trisagio de la muerte. Short stories
  • Frigorífico del este. Short stories
  • Petits poèmes, 1969. Poetry
  • Tiempo artesano. Barcelona: Campos, 1973. Poetry
  • 'En esta aurora. Xalapa: Universidad Veracruzana, 1976. Poetry
  • Hagiografía de Narcisa la bella, 1985 (reed. Recalcitrantes, Madrid 2016; ISBN 978-84-945472-1-8). Novel tr. as Hagiography of Narcisa the Beautiful (trans. Anna Diegel), Readers International (1996) ISBN 1-887378-03-0
  • Profecía y luz en la poesía de Maya Islas, 1987. Criticism
  • Una mujer y otras cuatro, 1989. Novel
  • La muerte definitiva de Pedro el Largo, 1998. Novel