Mirko Fait

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Mirko Fait
Mirko Fait
Born (1965-06-03)June 3, 1965
Milan, Italy
Origin Turkish
Genres Jazz, Cool Jazz, Ambient, Smooth Jazz
Occupation(s) Saxophonist, composer
Instruments Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Years active 1995–2010

Mirko Fait June 3, 1965, Milan, Italy is an Italian jazz saxophonist and composer. Born in a family of musicians, Fait began playing the saxophone in his teenage years, gaining notoriety in 2002 when he accompanied Cuban musician Gendrickson Mena Diaz on a four-day fashion event hosted by Pitti Uomo. Fait has subsequently collaborated with several other artists, including Michele Bozza, Marco Panascia, Roberto Piccolo, Germano Zenga, Jorge Gonzales, Gigi Cifarelli, Luigi Tognoli, performing with others in clubs throughout Lombardy and Italy. In 2007, Fait founded the Fait Club Quintet. He also contributed to "Mantic Ensemble", an independent CD featuring Danilo Manto on pianoforte, Max Patrick on percussion and Fait on soprano saxophone.

A plentiful artistic production with another 3 CDs including one with the Atlantis Music Project started thanks to the encounter with the record producers John Toso and Roxana Pranno.

In November 2009, he was chosen as the artistic director for the project “United Jazz Artists of Milan”. Today he is also the artistic director of the jazz section of Italian Way Music label company.

Mirko Fait also played the part of a saxophonist in the movie “Cado dalle nubi” (a big box office in Italy) by the famous comedian Checco Zalone from Zelig.

In July 2010, the song “Sex for money” from the album “Just for you” with John Toso was chosen by the French label company Believe for the great summer jazz compilation “70 relaxing holiday masterpieces”. A compilation including major jazz players such as Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Toquinho, Stefano Bollani, Enrico Rava, Franco Cerri and many others.

Some of Mirko Fait’s pieces were chosen for a short film by the already rewarded director Alessandro Daquino.

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* Deep Lights 2007 - (Italian Way Music) Musicians: Mirko Fait: soprano sax. Danilo Manto: piano. Max patrick: percussions.

* In a whisper 2008 - (Italian Way Music) Musicians: Mirko Fait: soprano sax. Gino Fioravanti: piano. John Toso: arrangements.

* Just for you 2009 - (Italian Way Music) Musicians: Mirko Fait: tenor sax and voices. John Toso: piano.

* Open 2009 - (Italian Way Music) Band: Atlantis Music Project. Musicians: Mirko Fait: soprano, alto and tenor sax. Alessio Croci: guitars, bass, programming. Davide Quaglia: guitars, bass, programming. Stefano Carpani: piano, rhodes, programming.

* United Jazz Artists of Milan 2009 - (Italian Way Music) Compilation

* 70 relaxing holiday masterpieces 2010 - (Believe) (Believe - France) Jazz compilation


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