Miserden Castle

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Miserden Castle
Gloucestershire, England
Miserden Castle ditch 2.JPG
Protective ditch and motte of Miserden Castle
Miserden Castle is located in Gloucestershire
Miserden Castle
Miserden Castle
Coordinates51°46′55″N 2°04′57″W / 51.78189°N 2.08256°W / 51.78189; -2.08256Coordinates: 51°46′55″N 2°04′57″W / 51.78189°N 2.08256°W / 51.78189; -2.08256
TypeMotte and bailey
Site information
Open to
the public
Site history
MaterialsEarthworks and stone

Miserden Castle was a castle near the village of Miserden in Gloucestershire, England.

The castle is a large motte and bailey Norman castle, built before 1146 by Robert Musard, after whose family the local village is named.[1] The castle overlooks the River Frome and included a 60-foot (18 m) wide shell keep, protected by a stone wall and a moat.[2] The castle is positioned on a rocky spur, and the north side of the castle was probably flooded from the river to produce a wet moat, further strengthening the considerable defences.[2] Musard was killed by forces loyal to King Stephen during the years of the Anarchy and the castle seized by Philip of Gloucester, but the castle survived into at least the 13th century.[3] Some earthworks and masonry structures remain.[1]

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