Miss Dominican Republic 1958

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Miss Dominican Republic 1958
Date April 14, 1958
Venue Palacio Federal, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Entrants 24
Debuts Valverde
Winner Julia Cesarina Acosta Marrón

Señorita República Dominicana 1958 was held on April 14, 1958. The pageant had 24 delegates that represented their province. The delegates had to be born in the province they were born. The pageant was held federal palace. The competition was intro and dresses. Then in the Top 10, they start with the evening gown, Swim suit and at the top 5 they answer questions, all in the same order. The winner would be in luxury in the city of San Felipe de Puerto Plata. The original pageant was in 1928 where they would crown a delegate from a province. It canceled in 1930 when Trujillo became leader.


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